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AI could be one of humanity’s most useful inventions

3D protein structure predicted by AlphaFold
Scientific breakthroughs
These projects build on our breakthroughs published in Nature, Science, and other scientific journals. While there are many unresolved research questions, we're excited at the progress we've made towards making systems capable of creativity and problem-solving.
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Real-world impact
We regularly partner with other experts, finding ways to apply our advances to real-world challenges. So far, we've created systems to help save energy, identify eye disease, accelerate scientific discovery, and improve Google products used across the world.
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DeepMind researchers collaborating
Latest research
Our teams work across some of the most complex challenges in computer science. Explore our research and publications covering a range of disciplines, including neuroscience, machine learning, robotics, language, computer vision, and environments.
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Our teams work on cutting-edge computer science, neuroscience, ethics, and public policy to responsibly pioneer AI systems. Research scientists and engineers collaborate across DeepMind and with partners to create systems that can benefit all parts of society.
Engineers help accelerate our research by building, maintaining, and optimising tools and environments. From scaling research prototypes to developing bespoke environments, our engineers enable us to perform safe, rigorous experimentation at scale.
Our multidisciplinary group of researchers and engineers collaborate with expert partners on a wide range of scientific problems. From protein folding to quantum chemistry, we’re using AI to unlock some of the most fascinating challenges in the natural sciences.
Responsibility & Safety
Our interdisciplinary group of policy experts, philosophers, and researchers work with other groups in academia, civil society, and the broader AI community to address using new technologies, putting ethics into practice, and helping society address the impacts of AI.
Researchers and engineers work with partners at Google to apply our systems in the real world. This collaboration has already reduced Google’s energy consumption and improved products that are in the hands of hundreds of millions of people.
Members of the Operations team
Our dedicated teams include experts from program management, people development, travel, property, public engagement and more who work together to maintain, optimise, and nurture our culture and world-leading research.

Opportunities for early-career researchers

The DeepMind Academic Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for early-career researchers in the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence to pursue postdoctoral study and build the experiences and research profile that will enable them to progress to full academic or other research leadership roles in future.

Alongside financial support, DeepMind provides opportunities for fellows to be mentored by senior DeepMind researchers. DeepMind will not direct their research and fellows are free to pursue any research direction they wish.

Fellowships are open to early-career researchers who have completed a PhD in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Statistics or another relevant field by the time they start their postdoc. We particularly encourage candidates who identify as Black to apply because this group is currently underrepresented in AI research.

DeepMind has partnered with three UK universities to launch the DeepMind Fellowship program. All three Fellows have now been appointed.

Supporting university teaching

Many on our team hold university professorships and teach or supervise students at Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, Imperial, and elsewhere. Learn more about these courses on our YouTube channel or Learning resources page.

We also partner with many world-leading academic institutions to extend research and teaching capacity. So far, we’ve established academic chairs in machine learning at the University of Alberta, UCL, and the University of Cambridge.

Scholarships to open the field of AI

DeepMind established our scholarships programme in 2017 in an effort to help build a stronger and more inclusive AI community, who can bring a wider range of experiences to the fields of AI and computer science. The scholarships provide financial support to students from underrepresented groups seeking to study graduate courses relating to AI and adjacent fields. Scholars are also offered support from a DeepMind mentor, and have opportunities to attend leading AI academic conferences and DeepMind events.

Inspiring the next generation

Our dedication to science makes us who we are. That’s why we have partnered with six education charities and social enterprises in the United Kingdom (UK) to co-create a bespoke education programme to help tackle the gaps in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education and boost existing programmes through funding, volunteering, and new Artificial Intelligence resources. 

Through our partnerships with Apps for Good, British Science Association, Raspberry Pi Foundation, Stemettes, STEM Learning and The Brilliant Club we hope to reach over 100,000 young people. 

We are also founding partners of the Deep Learning Indaba, the Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School, and the AI4Good Summer Lab. We also offer internship programmes for students who want to gain industry experience.

Strengthening communities

We firmly believe that everyone should feel able to participate in science and we are committed to supporting organisations that create community and advance diversity within the sector. Our team members regularly dedicate their time and expertise to advancing discussions about AI in their communities and we are proud partners of the Anita Borg Foundation, Women in Machine Learning, Black in AI, and more.

Learning resources
Whether you’re a student, researcher or just curious, we want to help you explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.
Our talks
Explore selected lectures on the latest in AI, from solving a 50-year-old challenge in biology to pioneering responsibly.
The Podcast
We created DeepMind: The Podcast, a highly praised and award-nominated series, to help answer questions you may have about AI.