Many disciplines, one common goal

Multiple photographs of DeepMind teams

Mission Driven

We're committed to solving intelligence, to advance science and benefit humanity.

It’s our mission, our shared purpose, our guide for everything we do and how we do it. We understand just how significant and important it is, and we put our passion and drive behind achieving it. Changes and challenges will come our way, but we embrace them and stay optimistic, knowing that it's a privilege to work on world-changing technology that can make an impact on the world around us.


Our work is groundbreaking and inspiring, and our goals are incredibly ambitious.

We are striving to be the best in the world at what we do, pushing boundaries, driving ourselves and each other to create and innovate, always seeking to improve and reach our full potential. We don’t set limits based on what others think is possible or impossible; instead, we approach our work and the world with optimism and deep curiosity.


Bringing this powerful technology into the world is a huge responsibility, and ethical considerations have to be at the forefront of all of our work.

While we act with speed and efficiency, we never compromise on our ethical standards. That means always thinking carefully about who this technology could impact; it means having integrity and doing what we say we will; it means owning and admitting our mistakes, learning from experience and feedback and being transparent with each other about what we do and why.


The diversity of experience, knowledge, background and perspectives that we have makes us who we are.

We are an unusually interdisciplinary team, and our successes come from the unique opportunities that it creates. We achieve much more through teamwork than we do alone, constructively challenging each other, seeking feedback, and asking for opinions.

We listen to different views to challenge our own assumptions, are quick to share credit, praise and recognise each other, and are flexible in the way we behave and work as a team.


Our unique culture belongs to all of us; we champion and protect it every day.

Our environment is built on respect - we are inclusive, fair, open-minded, and thoughtful with our opinions and their impact. Kindness, support, and encouragement fuel our growth and success, and we are positive and generous in spirit. We are loyal and protective, seeing the very best in each other and always ready to give the benefit of the doubt.

Our teams work on cutting-edge computer science, neuroscience, ethics, and public policy to responsibly pioneer AI systems. Research scientists and engineers collaborate across DeepMind and with partners to create systems that can benefit all parts of society.
Engineers help accelerate our research by building, maintaining, and optimising tools and environments. From scaling research prototypes to developing bespoke environments, our engineers enable us to perform safe, rigorous experimentation at scale.
Our multidisciplinary group of researchers and engineers collaborate with expert partners on a wide range of scientific problems. From protein folding to quantum chemistry, we’re using AI to unlock some of the most fascinating challenges in the natural sciences.
Responsibility & Safety
Our interdisciplinary group of policy experts, philosophers, and researchers work with other groups in academia, civil society, and the broader AI community to address using new technologies, putting ethics into practice, and helping society address the impacts of AI.
Researchers and engineers work with partners at Google to apply our systems in the real world. This collaboration has already reduced Google’s energy consumption and improved products that are in the hands of hundreds of millions of people.
Members of the Operations team
Our dedicated teams include experts from program management, people development, travel, property, public engagement and more who work together to maintain, optimise, and nurture our culture and world-leading research.
Members of the DeepMind London team
London, UK
DeepMind London in King's Cross is home to most of our people. It’s the head office for our groundbreaking operations and ethics functions, the majority of our engineering and applied teams (including Science and DeepMind for Google), and it’s where we’re exploring the broadest range of research topics.
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Members of the DeepMind Montreal team
Montreal, Canada
Led by Doina Precup, our Montreal office is home to a DeepMind research team that focuses on hierarchical and core reinforcement learning. Based in Google’s central Montreal office, the team brings together research scientists and engineers who focus on the problem of temporal abstraction and improvements in learning speed and planning capability.
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Members of the DeepMind Mountain View team
Mountain View, USA
DeepMind Mountain View primarily focuses on real-world applications of our research, in Google products and beyond. The impact of the team’s work is broad, and working at Google scale gives a unique opportunity to apply ground-breaking research to global and complex problems.
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Portraits of the DeepMind Paris team
Paris, France
DeepMind Paris is our first research lab in continental Europe, focussed on fundamental AI research. Based in Google’s newly developed offices, the lab is led by Remi Munos, with a focus on reinforcement learning and multi-agent concepts.
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New York, USA
Our research team in New York is led by Rob Fergus and explores a range of topics in cognitively inspired AI. Based out of Google's offices, their projects involve close collaboration with a wide range of other groups across DeepMind.
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