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Meet the DeepMind scholars reimagining the future with artificial intelligence

"Our vision is to help make the AI ecosystem more representative of society. The DeepMind scholarship programme aims to help extend opportunities and remove barriers for underrepresented groups so they can bring their unique perspectives and backgrounds to the exciting field of AI."
Obum Ekeke, OBE
Head of Education Partnerships
Portrait of Aishi, DeepMind Scholar
Aishni grew up in India wanting to be an engineer and studying math and sciences. At the time she was the only girl enrolled in STEM classes at her high school.
Aishni's story
Portrait of Imad, DeepMind Scholar
Imad believes that AI can help solve pressing challenges for many communities – including in his hometown in northern Morocco.
Imad's story
Portrait of Sanae, DeepMind Scholar
Sanae was born in Morocco and attended CentraleSupélec in France after completing a two-year intensive programme in science.
Sanae's story
Portrait of Raymond, DeepMind Scholar
As the first in his family to pursue higher education, Raymond navigated the academic world though his scholarship experience.
Raymond's story

Where are scholarships available?

The DeepMind scholarships programme is available internationally, with scholarships currently offered in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda, the UK, and the USA.

Who can apply for a scholarship?

These scholarships aim to support talented students from groups currently underrepresented in AI by removing barriers to access as they progress from undergraduate to postgraduate study.

Scholarships are available to eligible offer holders on specific graduate courses at universities participating in the DeepMind scholarship programme. Each university runs its own application and recruitment process both for their DeepMind scholarships and relevant graduate courses, so consult university websites for details on the required qualifications to apply to these course(s) and, where relevant, any separate application process for the scholarships.

To find out which underrepresented groups are eligible for the scholarships, we recommend consulting university websites for more details, as this can vary from university to university.

Finally, as the programme is international, at any point in the year some university deadlines will have already closed for intake, whereas others will not yet be open, so please check details carefully and keep an eye on announcements.

Can currently enrolled students apply?

Scholars are generally supported financially for the duration of their study, from the year they join their course. Therefore, these scholarships aim to support students from their point of entry into a graduate programme, through until they graduate, rather than partway through an existing course.

Are the scholarships only offered in AI?

Most of the DeepMind scholarships support graduate study in AI and related fields. There are masters-level scholarships available in the UK for those interested in the impact of AI technologies on society (UCL), neuroscience (UCL) and life sciences (Imperial).

Do all of the universities offer both Masters and PhD scholarships?

All of the universities offer masters-level funding for specific courses. Some also offer a limited number of PhD scholarships in AI and related fields. Consult the websites of the participating universities for details.

What sort of financial support does the scholarship offer?

The scholarships aim to ensure that scholars receive full financial support (tuition, stipend or living costs, and a grant for necessary equipment and attendance at an academic conference). Scholars are generally supported financially for the duration of their study, from the year they join their course.

In a few cases, where graduate funding is already available through the university or department, DeepMind scholarships serve to enhance the existing funding, support the educational experience, and give the scholar the opportunity to focus more fully on their studies.

Why do you offer DeepMind mentors to scholars?

DeepMind mentoring is focused on personal development and growth. Scholars can choose to be matched with a personal DeepMind mentor, who supports the mentee to develop their confidence and pursue their goals for up to one academic year. 

Mentors are not supervisors or academic advisors, and don’t provide support with research topics or directions, but do aim to help the mentee to build skills that will help them succeed in their graduate course and beyond.

How are the scholars selected?

Each university offering DeepMind scholarships manages its own application process and recruitment timelines, so further information, such as eligibility or relevant course deadlines, should be explored via university websites. Eligible scholarship recipients are selected from the individual university’s offer-holder pool for qualifying courses; DeepMind does not select scholarship recipients.