Portrait of Research Scientists Raia Hadsell and James Martens
Learning resources

Deep Learning Lecture Series 2018

Lecture 1: Introduction to Machine Learning Based AI
Research Scientist Thore Graepel shares an introduction to machine learning based AI.
Lecture 2: Introduction to TensorFlow
Research Engineer Matteo Hessel & Software Engineer Alex Davies share an introduction to Tensorflow.
Lecture 4: Beyond Image Recognition
Senior Research Scientist Raia Hadsell discusses topics including end-to-end learning and embeddings.
Lecture 5: Optimisation for Machine Learning
Research Scientist James Martens explores optimisation for machine learning.
Lecture 6: Deep Learning for NLP
Research Scientist Ed Grefenstette gives an overview of deep learning for natural lanuage processing.
Lecture 7: Attention and Memory in Deep Learning
Research Scientist Alex Graves discusses the role of attention and memory in deep learning.
Lecture 8: Unsupervised learning and generative models
Research Scientist Shakir Mohamed gives an overview of unsupervised learning and generative models.