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Learn about the latest in AI, from solving a 50-year-old challenge in biology to pioneering responsibly.

Using AI to accelerate scientific discovery

Co-Founder and CEO Demis Hassabis tells the story of AlphaFold and explains why AI could become humanity's greatest ally in the pursuit of science.

Scalable robot learning in rich environments

Director of Robotics, Raia Hadsell, explores the challenges of learning from physical interactions in complex, constrained, and real-world settings.

The risks and the rewards of advancing the state of the art in AI

COO Lila Ibrahim describes building a culture that promotes responsible science and innovation, and how to understand and manage the impacts of AI.

Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold

Lead Researcher John Jumper talks through the process of developing AlphaFold and its potential to transform biological research.

Real-world challenges for AGI

VP of Research, Koray Kavukcuoglu, explains why addressing real-world challenges now helps advance the long-term development of AGI.

Measuring machine intelligence

In this classic lecture, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Shane Legg explores how researchers chart improvements in AI and what model of intelligence we should develop.

Reimagining drug discovery and medicine

Demis Hassabis discusses how AI can help accelerate science, transform drug discovery and development, and impact the future of healthcare.

Learning how to learn efficiently

Research Scientist Nando de Freitas speaks about training large neural networks and the process of building tools that learn to solve many tasks with few data each.

Theoretical foundations of GNNs

Petar Veličković tells how graph neural networks (GNNs) were derived from first principles and explains how they emerged from several lines of research.

The human pursuit of artificial intelligence

Thore Graepel reveals AI’s potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and argues that there is nothing more human than the pursuit of AI.

Making machines creative

Research Scientist Ali Eslami describes AI’s creative abilities, and why creativity is so important for finding solutions to world crises.

A systems neuroscience approach to building AGI

Demis Hassabis explains how complex biological systems can inform the ways researchers think about building AGI.

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