Replays of Nature paper version

Download all of AlphaStar's matches on (July - August 2019)

Replays of previous versions

From matches between AlphaStar and Team Liquid’s Grzegorz MaNa Komincz, and AlphaStar and Team Liquid’s Dario TLO Wunsch:

Camera interface

MaNa v AlphaStar (24 January 2019)

Raw interface

TLO v AlphaStar (12 December 2018)
MaNa v AlphaStar (19 December 2018)

Please note that the raw interface agents weren’t using the camera directly. The 10 replays have therefore been post-processed to add heuristic camera movements, such that the target location of each agent action is visible on screen. This is to make the replays easier to follow from the agent's perspective.

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