dm_robotics is a collection of libraries, tools and objects used in robotics research at DeepMind.

dm_robotics is made up of a number of Python and C++ packages, including:

  • AgentFlow - Python library for composing reinforcement learning (RL) agents and breaking down complex tasks into subtasks, simplifying a common challenge in robotics research which requires training RL modules for different skills and then composing them together.
  • Controllers - Collection of robot controllers and action mappers, including a Cartesian 6D velocity to joint velocity mapper with collision avoidance. Written in C++, Python bindings included.
  • Geometry - Python primitives for dealing with scene and robot geometry.
  • Manipulation - Python utilities for generating parametric objects using the OnShape Python API and example object meshes designed to offer different affordances for manipulation tasks.
  • Modular Manipulation (MoMa) - Python library for building manipulation environments, both in simulation and on real robots, which builds on DeepMind’s Composer library.
  • Transformations - Python library for rigid-body transformations, including velocities and forces, aimed at providing simplicity and comprehensiveness across all canonical representations (euler, axis-angle, quaternion, homogeneous matrices).
  • Vision - Python library that provides functions and ROS nodes for colour-based blob detection and 3D triangulation.
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Open source