The Future of Go Summit

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"This Summit is one of the greatest matches that I’ve had. I believe, it’s actually one of the greatest matches in history."
Ke Jie
9 Dan Professional
""The first 100 moves were the best anyone’s ever played against the Master version. Our hearts were fluttering as well! I’d like to reiterate what an honor it is to play with a genius like Ke Jie. This is called the Future of Go Summit, and today I think we saw a game from the future.”
Demis Hassabis
Co-founder and CEO, DeepMind
"Ke Jie started with moves that he had learned from the Master series of games earlier this year — adding those new moves to his repertoire. Ke Jie used the lower board invasion point similar to AlphaGo in the Masters games, and this was a move that was unheard of before then. Although this was one of the most difficult moves for us to understand, in the last month or players have been making their own translations and interpretations of it."
Michael Redmond
9 Dan Professional