Enabling the next generation of AI researchers and engineers

The scholarship programme

Increasing representation in AI offers a huge opportunity to bring diverse values, hopes, and concerns into conversations about the design and deployment of AI – and this is critical if AI is going to be a technology that benefits everyone. We also believe this is key to the potential for AI being one of the most important technologies ever invented.

Support for all

We established the scholarship programme in an effort to help build a stronger and more inclusive AI community, who can bring a wider range of experiences to the fields of AI and computer science. The scholarships provide financial support to students from underrepresented groups seeking to study graduate courses relating to AI and adjacent fields. Scholars are also offered support from a DeepMind mentor, and have opportunities to attend leading AI academic conferences and DeepMind events.

Future generations of AI researchers and engineers must bring different perspectives to the development of AI, and as such they must be representative of the world around us."

Obum Ekeke

University relations and educational partnership lead

Benedetta's story

Expanding the reach of our scholarships

Universities in many countries around the world offer DeepMind scholarships to applicants for graduate study in AI.

Shaquille's story

Thoughts from our scholars

Hear more about the scholarship programme through the perspective of various DeepMind scholars.


Kimberly developed the confidence and ambition to pursue a PhD during her Masters.


Aishni grew up in India wanting to be an engineer and studying math and sciences. At the time she was the only girl enrolled in STEM classes at her high school.


Yağmur’s scholarship allowed her to return to university from an industry role sooner than she had expected.


Imad believes that AI can help solve pressing challenges for many communities - including his hometown in northern Morocco.


Victoria came from a non-computer science background when she applied for a DeepMind scholarship.


Sanae was born in Morocco and attended CentraleSupélec in France after completing a two-year intensive program in science.


Gloriose is passionate about finding ways for AI to help sustain micro-communities.


As the first in his family to pursue higher education, Raymond navigated the academic world though his scholarship experience.

Our latest cohort

We welcomed more than 50 scholars to our 2020 cohort.

Some are pictured here - we can’t wait to see what they achieve in their studies and beyond!

Common questions

Still have questions about the programme? We’ve collected the most common questions about the DeepMind scholarships below.

Where are scholarships available?

The DeepMind scholarships programme is available internationally, with scholarships currently offered in Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda, the UK and the USA.