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Portrait of Hannah Fry, Presenter of DeepMind: The Podcast

"In Season 2, I've gone back inside the lab... and, I must say, I've seen some pretty extraordinary things."

Hannah Fry
Mathematician and Podcast presenter
Artwork for Episode 1: 3D protein structures predicted by AlphaFold
A breakthrough unfolds
Discover how DeepMind unlocked the mysteries of protein folding with AlphaFold, solving a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology that could help transform healthcare and medicine.
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Artwork for Episode 2: Conversation speech bubbles representing Large Language Models
Speaking of intelligence
Learn about the path to building AGI, why language is such an important part of intelligence, and about the challenges and potential of large language models.
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Artwork for Episode 3: Representations of agents approaching a flag in a game of Capture the Flag
Better together
Explore why cooperation and altruism between AI and humans, as well as between AIs, is so important to building intelligent systems.
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Artwork for Episode 4: Visualisation of a robotic arm picking up a wooden block
Let's get physical
Step inside the robotics lab to find out if having a body is an important part of intelligence, why it’s so hard to train a robot, and why some robotics demonstrations are faking it.
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Artwork for Episode 5: Popular iconography of games including a space invader, chess piece and play button
The road to AGI
Hear from Shane Legg, the man who coined the phrase AGI and co-founded DeepMind, discussing why he thinks AGI is possible and when.
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Artwork for Episode 6: Visualisation of a DNA helix and gordian loop
AI for science
Find out how AI is being applied to major scientific challenges in maths, nuclear fusion, and genomics, and even helping conserve wildlife in the Serengeti.
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Artwork for Episode 7: Representation of real-world applications of AI including sports analytics and weather prediction
Me, myself, and AI
Take a closer look at how DeepMind is using AI to make an impact on the world, ranging from near-term weather forecasting to creating synthetic voices and developing game strategies for football.
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Artwork for Episode 8: Iconography depicting society and fairness
Fair for all
Why diversity and representation is vital for AI and the questions researchers are grappling with to ensure that AI works for everyone.
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Artwork for Episode 9: Representation of areas where AI could impact society.
The promise of AI
DeepMind’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, explains why he believes AGI is possible, the steps needed to build it, and the world-changing problems he hopes it will solve.
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Artwork for Episode 1: Portrait of Jess Hamrick
AI and neuroscience: The virtuous circle
What can the human brain teach us about AI? And what can AI teach us about our own intelligence? These questions underpin a lot of AI research.
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Artwork for Episode 2: Portrait of David Silver
Go to Zero
Hear the story of AlphaGo, the first computer program to defeat a professional human player at the game of Go.
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Artwork for Episode 3: Portrait of Oriol Vinyals
Life is like a game
Video games have become a favourite tool for AI researchers to test the abilities of their systems. In this episode, Hannah sits down to play StarCraft II.
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Artwork for Episode 4: Portrait of Raia Hadsell
AI, Robot
Forget what sci-fi has told you about superintelligent robots that are uncannily human-like; the reality is more prosaic.
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Artwork for Episode 5: Portrait of Sims Witherspoon
Out of the lab
How AI could be used to save the sight of thousands, help us solve one of the most fundamental problems in biology and combat climate change.
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Artwork for Episode 7: Portrait of Koray Kavukcuoglu
Towards the future
AI researchers around the world are trying to create a general purpose learning system that can learn to solve problems without being taught how.
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Artwork for Episode 8: Portrait of Demis Hassabis
Demis Hassabis - The interview
In this special extended episode, Hannah meets the CEO and co-founder of DeepMind for a personal take on the future of AI.
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“I hope this series gives people a better understanding of artificial intelligence and a feeling for just how exhilarating an endeavour it is.”
Demis Hassabis
Co-founder and CEO, DeepMind
About Hannah Fry
Professor Hannah Fry is an award-winning science presenter, public speaker, bestselling author, and academic known for her joyful ability to bring maths to life for audiences of all interests and abilities. Hannah is a regular host of BBC programmes and podcasts and is a Professor in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL.
Portrait of Hannah Fry, DeepMind: The Podcast presenter