Operations team

Maximising the chance of unexpected discoveries


DeepMind has a remarkable track record of scientific breakthroughs. Such extraordinary work is a direct result of the brilliant and diverse people we bring together. 

Our Operations team works hard to make DeepMind the best environment in the world for advancing AI research. This means we do things differently. 

Collaborative culture

From machine learning and neuroscience to robotics and philosophy, we meticulously bring together researchers from an unusually wide range of disciplines. Our goal is to create environments that maximise the chance for unexpected discoveries.

We develop the world’s best technical tools for cutting-edge AI research and use Google’s computing infrastructure to go from idea to experiment to breakthrough in record time.

We think hard about the spaces we build and ensure our labs support different working styles and interests, as well as fast-paced collaboration. 

We create a culture where everyone’s expertise is recognised and where everyone is continually learning and supported to be the best leaders, managers, and collaborators they can be.

Public engagement

And we find new ways to make our work accessible to the public, through exhibitions, events, podcasts, videos, and more, ensuring that the hopes, fears, and ideas of the public are heard loudly at the heart of DeepMind. 

Our operations teams take on all these challenges and more, which means we’re home to people with a huge range of skills and backgrounds. Join our mission and see our open roles.