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Team profile
Pushmeet Kohli
Head of AI for Science and Robust and Verified AI teams

Pushmeet holds a PhD in combinatorial optimisation problems found in computer vision. Before joining DeepMind, he was the director of research at Microsoft Research.

Pushmeet manages impactful AI projects across the natural sciences. He also leads the team ensuring DeepMind’s models and agents are robust and consistent.

“DeepMind is made of incredibly curious people, always looking for ways to learn and improve themselves.”
Portrait of Pushmeet Kohli, Head of AI for Science and Robust and Verified AI teams
Team profile
John Jumper
Senior Research Scientist

John has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Chicago. Before that, he worked on molecular dynamics simulations of proteins and supercooled liquids.

John leads the development of next-generation AlphaFold models. He designs algorithms, acts as a domain expert, and ensures that DeepMind’s work beneficially solves challenges in protein biology.

“DeepMind is an incredible place to work on hard scientific problems using cutting-edge research.”
Portrait of John Jumper, Senior Research Scientist
Team profile
Tim Green
Research Engineer

Tim studied physics as at the University of Cambridge and conducted his DPhil and postdoc at the University of Oxford, predicting NMR properties of materials.

Tim works on solving protein structure predictions through machine learning research and helping his team maximise DeepMind’s computational resources.

“There’s a lot of excitement about AI helping science and we’re in a great place to have a big impact.”
Portrait of Tim Green, Research Engineer
Team profile
Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool
Science Engineer

Kathryn completed her PhD in systems approaches to biomedical science at the University of Oxford. She then worked on vehicle routing and geospatial data at Ocado Technology.

Kathryn ensures DeepMind’s infrastructure works smoothly. This ranges from setting up data processing pipelines to enabling the use of externally developed scientific software.

“DeepMind has the people, ideas, and resources to make a positive difference in the world.”
Portrait of Kathryn Tunyasuvunakool, Science Engineer
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