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A commitment to learning

Portraits of Researcher Scientists Hado van Hasselt and Diana Borsa
Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2021
Thirteen-part series, created in collaboration with UCL, covering everything from dynamic programming to deep reinforcement learning.
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Portraits of Research Scientists Thore Graepel and Irina Higgins
Deep Learning Lecture Series 2020
Twelve lectures, in collaboration with UCL, ranging from the fundamentals of neural networks to advanced ideas like memory, attention, and GANs.
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Portrait of University of Alberta's Martha White and Adam White
Coursera: Reinforcement Learning
Four-course specialisation for undergrads taught by the University of Alberta's Martha White with her colleague and DeepMinder Adam White.
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Portrait of Research Scientist David Silver
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
Classic 10-part lecture series delivered by DeepMind Principal Research Scientist David Silver, the creator of AlphaZero.
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Portrait of Research Scientist Hado van Hasselt
Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2018
Ten part, self-contained introduction to RL and deep RL, done in collaboration with UCL. Complements the Deep Learning Lecture Series.
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Portrait of Research Scientists Raia Hadsell and James Martens
Deep Learning Lecture Series 2018
Eight-part series, done in collaboration with UCL, that explores topics ranging from NLP and optimisation to generative models. Complements the Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2018.
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